Recoil U1000

Multi-Mission utility Fluid Cargo Tank

Flexible Capabilities

Our 1000-gallon carbon fiber composite Utility tank delivers high-volume liquid cargo in a lightweight, durable solution. Compatible with Petroleum, Diesel, Potable Water, Milk, JP8, and Chemical Agents, the U1000 is an ideal solution for multiple mission needs with quick installation and removal times and various ground handling features. This tank does not modify the aircraft therefore certification is not required.

Utility U1000 specifications

Multi-Mission Tanks

  • 3,785 Liters/1,000 US Gallons
  • 172kg/380 lbs. System Weight
  • Dimensions 102″L x 63″W x 64″H
  • 1 Hour Installation Time
  • 30 Minute Removal Time

1,000 gallon

Tank Capacity

35 Minute

System Removal Time

1 Hour


380 lbs


Aircraft Applications

  • AW189K
  • B757
  • C-130
  • C-17
  • C-27J
  • CH-47
  • CH-53
  • EH-101
  • Mi-17
  • Mi-8
  • S-92


  • Carbon Fiber Composite Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Coated Internal Surfaces
  • Air Transportable
  • Ground Transportable
  • Lightweight

Tank Features

  • Compatible with Petroleum, Diesel, Potable Water, Milk, JP8, Chemical Agents
  • 4″ Cam-Lock Fill Ports
  • Sight Gauge
  • Ground Transportable
  • Aluminum Skid for Ground Handling
  • Air Transportable
  • 463L Pallet Compatible


  • Ballistically Tolerant
  • Shipping/Storage Container

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Zeus Z1000-BT

Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Expand your mission

The Zeus 1000-BT is a 1,000-gallon ballistically tolerant carbon fiber auxiliary fuel tank for the EH-101, CH-47, and C-130 helicopter. This multipurpose system can be used to fuel the aircraft’s own mission or provide a refueling station for other aircraft and ground support equipment.

Zeus Z1000-BT specifications

  • 3785 Liters/1000 US Gallons
  • 261 kg/575 lbs. System Weight
  • 22g Crash Loading, All Vectors
  • Ballistically Tolerant to 7.62
  • Manual Tank Dump
  • In-Line Fuel Filter

1000 Gallons

Useable Fuel

575 lbs

Tank Weight

60 min

Installation Time

Up to 7.62

Ballistic Tolerance

Aircraft Applications

  • C-130
  • CH-47
  • EH-101


  • Fast installation/removal
  • Extend aircraft range
  • Increase loiter time
  • Support other missions

Let the Zeus Tank Expand Your Mission

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