Recoil News

January 20, 2020

Recoil Aerospace, LLC sells SIX Tsunami Tanks to Coldstream Helicopters

Anaheim, CA: Recoil Suppression, LLC, a division of Recoil Aerospace, LLC, sells Coldstream Helicopters of Canada SIX R332-E Tsunami Wildland Fire Suppression Tank systems for the AS332 series C/C1/L/ L1/L2 as well as EC215 & EC225 series.

Coldstream Helicopters was established by Robert Gallagher in 2010 operates globally the largest utility fleet of Pumas in Canada.  Additionally, Coldstream operates a fleet of medium helicopters supporting heli-ski in the winter months and wildfire suppression in summer months.

Established in 2008, Recoil Suppression Systems, LLC, a division of Recoil Aerospace, LLC, is a designer and manufacturer of light weight Tsunami Wildland Fire Suppression tanks. The Recoil Aerospace family of companies, designs, manufactures wildland fire suppression tanks, aircraft aero-structures and ballistic tolerant auxiliary fuel tanks.   Recoil proudly supports a global market base to meet the mission requirements and needs of its customers.

For questions about availability, delivery and cost, contact Joseph Rice at 541-326-1911.  For more information visit