Recoil News

January 30, 2020

Avion Pacific (China) Ltd. awarded Distributorship – Global

Anaheim, CA: Recoil Suppression, LLC, a division of Recoil Aerospace, appoints Avion Pacific (China) Ltd.

Recoil hereby appoints Avion Pacific (China) Ltd. as its exclusive distributor to promote, market, and sell the Wild land Fire Suppression Tank systems (external & Internal), auxiliary fuel systems, system parts and related components, proprietary as well as non-proprietary.

Avion Pacific (China) Ltd. hereby accepts such appointment and is excited to partner with Recoil Aerospace, LLC, and looks forward to assisting society with fire suppression!

Joseph Rice, Managing Director of Recoil Aerospace stated, “Avion Pacific (China) Ltd. Is a natural fit for us with their wealth of experience and global resources.  We have full confidence in Managing Director, Wu Zhendong and his team to expand our market base.  We look forward to this new, developing partnership”.

Avion Pacific (China) Ltd was established in 1993 by Wu Zhendong and has been a leader in general aviation services throughout mainland China.  Avion Pacific services Include fixed and rotary aircraft sales and distribution, special project consulting and aircraft sales.

Established in 2008, Recoil Suppression Systems, LLC, a division of Recoil Aerospace, LLC, is a designer and manufacturer of light weight Tsunami Wildland Fire Suppression tanks. The Recoil Aerospace family of companies, designs, manufactures wildland fire suppression tanks, aircraft aero-structures and ballistic tolerant auxiliary fuel tanks.   Recoil proudly supports a global market base to meet the mission requirements and needs of it’s customers.

For questions about availability, delivery and cost, contact Joseph Rice at 541-326-1911.  For more information visit