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September 15, 2023

Knight Aerospace and Recoil Aerospace transform remote and austere fuel & water delivery with “H.A.R.P.S.” and “Oasis” Palletized Tank Systems

San Antonio, Texas – 15 Sep 2023: Knight and Recoil, two small business aerospace leaders, are proud to announce their recent collaboration to rapidly introduce two capability gap solutions to address supply of fuel and water logistics for remote and austere operations. This dual use 1,000 gallon / 3,785-liter solution supports the Agile Combat Employment (ACE) challenge by combining Knight’s proven airworthy pallet solution with Recoil’s lightweight U1000 carbon fiber fluid utility cargo tank: the “H.A.R.P.S.”, High-capacity Air-transportable Replenishment Palletized System (fuel) and the “Oasis” (water). This solution provides rapid intermodal resource supply to facilitate safe, expeditious rotary and fixed wing aircraft operations.

The Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) “H.A.R.P.S.” and “Oasis” tank systems provide:

  • Rapid establishment of fueling points in remote austere environments.
  • Internal or external load transportable options
  • Swift aircraft onload / offload:
    • Integrates into current aircraft cargo handling systems (88” or 108” bias)
    • No tie downs or chains required
    • Forklift pockets to facilitate ground handling
    • Recoverable with partial liquid loads
  • Significant personnel reduction versus current legacy bladder systems
  • 20+ year product lifespan

These innovative tanks, “H.A.R.P.S.” and “Oasis,” enable remote operations in degraded or contested logistics environments to fully leverage forward operating bases / Hub and Spoke resupply method. “H.A.R.P.S.” and “Oasis” provide a transformative solution to movement of bulk fuel or water, supporting requirements of military, humanitarian, and domestic operations (DOMOPS).

Knight and Recoil’s agile collaboration produced a market-ready product in six days by combining two modern, airworthy COTS products into a force multiplying system.

Knight Aerospace & Recoil Aerospace H.A.R.P.S. fuel transportation system.

Knight Aerospace & Recoil Aerospace OASIS potable water transportation system.

About Knight Aerospace:
Knight Aerospace specializes in designing and manufacturing customizable palletized and modular systems for cargo aircraft, trusted by major military, civilian, and aircraft OEM organizations worldwide. Their innovative solutions are engineered for safety, durability, and precision, ensuring rapid mission readiness. Inquiries can be directed to:
● Email:
● Phone: +1 210 433 9961

About Recoil:
Recoil designs and manufactures lightweight carbon fiber Tsunami wildfire suppression tanks and fluid utility cargo tanks for military and commercial operations globally. Inquiries can be directed to:
● Email:
● Phone: +1 307 222 9475

Media Contact:

Lisa Sifuentes