Recoil News

January 24, 2020

Recoil Logistic Systems, LLC.

Anaheim, CA: Recoil Logistic Systems, LLC. Introduces their Auxiliary Fuel Tanks.

The R6-18  “R-Bag” Auxiliary Fuel Tank holds 18 gallons of fuel, urethane construction, 4 carrying handles, 8 tie down rings, 21” fueling hose, abrasion coating, light weight and field maintainable. Everything you need for an “in the field” back up refueling tank!

The LBAT MD500 Series Auxiliary Fuel Tank is 7.62 ballistic tolerant, self sealing, 10g crash resistant, 33lbs system weight and Carbon Fire Construction. Another backup fuel tank ready for all your needs.

Recoil Logistic Systems, LLC, a division of Recoil Aerospace, LLC, is a designer and manufacturer of light weight auxiliary fuel tanks. The Recoil Aerospace family of companies, established in 2008, designs, manufactures wildland fire suppression tanks, aircraft aero-structures and ballistic tolerant auxiliary fuel tanks.   Recoil proudly supports a global market base to meet the mission requirements and needs of its customers.

For questions about availability, delivery and cost, contact Joseph Rice at 541-326-1911.  For more information visit