tsunami T1000-I

Wildfire Suppression Systems

Flexible Internal Capabilities

Our 1,000-gallon internal composite Tsunami tank delivers high-volume water or fire suppressant drops at a competitive price. With an included 30-gallon foam tank, the system requires only minimal aircraft power modifications while featuring fast installation and removal times and simple pilot and crew controllability. Deliver more volume in less time.

TSUNAMI T1000-I specifications

Deliver more volume in less time

  • 3,785 Liters/1,000 US Gallons
  • 35-40 Second Fill Time
  • 5 Second Drop Time
  • 295 kg/650 lbs. System Weight
  • AC Aircraft Powered
  • 30 Gallon Foam Tank

1,000 gallon

Tank Capacity

35-40 Second

Fill Time

5 Second

Drop Time

650 lbs


Aircraft Applications

  • AS332
  • AW189K
  • EH-101
  • H225
  • Mi-17
  • Mi-8
  • S-92


  • Carbon Fiber Composite
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Field Maintainable
  • Overfill Protection
  • Simple Aircraft Interface
  • Pilot & Crew Controllable
  • Fail Safe Design
  • Foam Tank
  • Low Acquisition Cost
  • Easy Off-Season Storage
  • Simple Operation
  • Ground Fillable

Tank Features

  • Foam Injection 
  • NVG Compatible 
  • Pneumatically Operated 
  • Environmentally Safe 
  • AC Snorkel Power Head 
  • Flight Crew Hand Controller 
  • Flight Control Integration
  • Industry’s Best Warranty 
  • Computer Controlled 
  • External Site Gauge 
  • Ground Fillable 
  • Quantity Indicator 
  • Left or Right Side Snorkel Operation 


  • Telemetry
  • Data Vault
  • Water Cannon
  • Sea Snorkel

Discover the Benefits of an Internal Tank

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