UH-60 Stabilator

Carbon Fiber Aero-structures

Increase Mission Flexibility

The Recoil UH-60 Stabilator replaces the aircraft’s stock fully movable horizontal stabilizer with a lightweight carbon fiber alternative. This stronger, lighter option reduces overall aircraft weight while moving the center of gravity (CG) forward to operational limits and removing the requirement for forward ballast. The UH-60 Stabilator’s weight reduction and shifted CG gives operators increased power and performance in addition to flexibility in long-line operations and when carrying auxiliary fuel tanks.

UH-60 Stabilator specifications

  • Reduces stabilator weight by 48% to 51%
  • Shifts center of gravity forward by 1 to 2 inches
  • Meets stringent DoD requirements


Weight Reduction


Forward CG Shift

Carbon Fiber

Composite Construction


From the DoD

Aircraft Applications

  • UH-60


  • Decrease aircraft weight
  • Increase aircraft useable load
  • Boost aircraft performance
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Use in conjunction with auxiliary fuel tanks
  • Precision long line operations
  • Removes need for forward ballast

How Can the UH-60 Stabilator Help My Operation?

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