Zeus Z1000-BT

Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Expand your mission

The Zeus 1000-BT is a 1,000-gallon ballistically tolerant carbon fiber auxiliary fuel tank for the EH-101, CH-47, and C-130 helicopter. This multipurpose system can be used to fuel the aircraft’s own mission or provide a refueling station for other aircraft and ground support equipment.

Zeus Z1000-BT specifications

  • 3785 Liters/1000 US Gallons
  • 261 kg/575 lbs. System Weight
  • 22g Crash Loading, All Vectors
  • Ballistically Tolerant to 7.62
  • Manual Tank Dump
  • In-Line Fuel Filter

1000 Gallons

Useable Fuel

575 lbs

Tank Weight

60 min

Installation Time

Up to 7.62

Ballistic Tolerance

Aircraft Applications

  • C-130
  • CH-47
  • EH-101


  • Fast installation/removal
  • Extend aircraft range
  • Increase loiter time
  • Support other missions

Let the Zeus Tank Expand Your Mission

To learn more about the Z1000-BT design, capabilities, and how it can support your mission, contact us today.

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