Zeus Z60-BT

Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Extend Mission Time

The 60-gallon ballistically tolerant Zeus Z60-BT auxiliary fuel tank is designed to expand range and extend time on station for MH-6 and AH-6 helicopters. This carbon fiber rigid tank is self-sealing and crash resistant up to 14Gs.

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Zeus Z60-BT specifications

  • 227 Liters/60 US Gallons
  • 21.7 kg/48 lbs. System Weight
  • 14g Crash Resistance
  • Ballistically Tolerant to 7.62
  • Self-Sealing
  • 30 Minute Installation

60 Gallons

Useable Fuel

48-51 lbs

Tank Weight

2 Hour

Range Extension

Up to 7.62

Ballistic Tolerance

Aircraft Applications

  • AH-6
  • MH-6


  • Extended mission time on station
  • Expanded mission range
  • Lightweight – 50% lighter than competition
  • New manufacturing process
  • New application of technology


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