Exceptionally Experienced

Recoil’s exceptionally experienced and skilled team puts the safety and reliability of your project first. We promise world-class customer service and satisfaction, making ourselves available to quickly respond to your support requests.


President/MANAGING Director

Joseph founded Recoil in 2008, growing it into the family of companies it is today. A former Army helicopter pilot, he began working in the aviation industry in 1981. Since that time Joseph has developed a wealth of experience and talent from serving as a military pilot, chief pilot, and director of operations. He is dual rated in helicopters and airplanes with close to 14,000 hours of flight time. Since starting Recoil, Joseph has focused his attention on providing the helicopter industry with simple solutions for complex problems. Trust, honor, and integrity are Joseph’s guiding principles.



Matt Shieman is an accomplished executive and investor with a strong background in aviation and commercial finance. He recently assumed the role of Chairman of the Board and Shareholder at Recoil (ACS), a move that reflects his extensive experience in successfully expanding businesses. With over 35 years of experience, Shieman has been an active investor in companies operating in the aviation and commercial finance markets. He played a pivotal role in the Initial founding and historical growth of Blackhawk Aerospace and its related business units serving as Chairman of the companies.
In addition to his executive experience, Shieman is also a private pilot with over 3,500 hours of flight time in both single and multi-engine airplanes. This unique combination of financial expertise and aviation experience has proven invaluable in improving operational and financial performance at the companies he has worked with. He has a proven track record of developing and leading management teams   with a focus on creating and growing relationships with key Stakeholders of companies.
Shieman holds an MBA in finance, a bachelor’s degree in business/economics, and is a licensed CPA. He leverages his diverse skill set to provide strategic leadership and guidance to Recoil (ACS) working directly with the President and Management Team. 




Dale Griffin is a highly experienced Director and Investor who recently joined
Recoil. With over 35 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Investment Management, and Aviation-related ventures, Griffin brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to his role. His career has spanned a diverse range of industries, but his passion for aviation has been a constant throughout. 
Griffin spent 13 years as a founder of the International Equity Funds at AIM (now Invesco) Mutual Funds before leaving in 2003 to focus on his aircraft charter and maintenance business. He is also a co-founder of Blackhawk Aerospace (Blackhawk) and currently serves on the Board of New State Aviation Holdings, which became the majority owner of Blackhawk in 2022. In this role, Griffin plays an integral part in overseeing the strategic direction of the company and ensuring its continued success. In addition to his executive experience, Griffin is also a private pilot with over 2,500 hours of flight time with both instrument and multi-engine ratings and is type-rated in CE-500 aircraft.
Griffin holds an MBA in Finance and is a Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. His extensive knowledge and experience in finance and aviation have been key factors in his success as an investor and owner. He leverages his diverse skill set to provide strategic guidance to Recoil, while also using his expertise to support the company’s growth and development.



Tanya joined Recoil after 20 years in the Navy where she served as a Yeoman and an admin/training officer. With bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Tanya uses her exceptional organization skills to expertly oversee the administrative functions of the company. Her Naval experience include being the training and legal officer onboard the USS RODNEY M DAVIS (FFG-60), where she was responsible for running the administration of an entire ship, as well as the training and certification of shipboard activity and ready deployment status. She brings this skill and focus on accuracy and integrity to all of her administrative duties at Recoil.


IT Director

As Recoil’s IT Director, Katrina oversees the company’s information and technology services. Katrina has a degree in information assurance and a master’s in cyber security. Prior to Recoil, she served as the lead IT for a global non-profit. As the head of IT at Recoil, she ensures the smooth and secure operations of all information technology and services, including managing security, preventing data loss and fraud, and building and maintaining Recoil’s software.


Customer Service/product support manager

With a remarkable background spanning over 19 years in sales, flight operations management, inventory, logistics, and training, Ray brings extensive expertise to the team. Previously, Ray served in various leadership roles, including director of marketing and sales at JM5/ Equipment Solutions & Personnel, and Business Development Manager and Director of International Sales (Africa, Middle East) at Capewell Aerial Systems. Ray’s experience in the Florida Army National Guard as an Aviator/Ammunition Specialist and Flight Operations Specialist/ALSE Officer further exemplifies his commitment to excellence and attention to detail.